Quick Quad Market Chart of First Brexit Reactions

Jun 24, 2016: 12:06 PM CST

If you’re like me, you’re surprised by the U.K. “Brexit” vote.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. All markets were very surprised by it as well.

To underscore this point and frame the reaction, let’s quickly view the “Quad-Market” Charts:

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I’m highlighting our “Quad Market” Grid above for quick reference.

In the hours following the US Stock Market open, we’re seeing perfectly logical reactions to an unexpected outcome.

Mainly the US Stock Market plunged overnight and is now down over 3% along with Crude Oil which plunged more than 5%.

Our two current “Risk-Off” or defensive (protective) markets are Gold (surging roughly 5%) and the US Dollar Index which broke out over 2%.

The 10-Year US Treasury Note (not pictured above) bounced over 1%.

If you’re just an equity-only trader, it can be helpful to broaden your perspective to what’s going on in other markets, especially those with high positive correlations to your own.

The dust will settle and volatility will decline, but for now watch these markets and the new key levels in play.

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3 Responses to “Quick Quad Market Chart of First Brexit Reactions”

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