Quick Quad-Market Reaction Grid to Start the Week

Jun 29, 2015: 10:27 AM CST

With bearish news about Greece hitting the markets this weekend, money flow quickly shifted in our intermarket landscape.

Let’s start the week with a quick “Quad-Market Update” on where money is flowing and where price is headed at the moment.

Here’s our “Quad-Market” Grid:

For now, let’s start with the four markets in our grid (additional analysis is detailed for members):

  • The S&P 500 “Respected the Range” and traded “Down Toward” the lower support level near 2,070.
  • Gold strongly bounced “Up Away From” its support level into $1,170.
  • Oil – like stocks – traded “Down Toward” lower support after an initial breakout Friday.
  • Treasury Prices bounce “Up Away From” its support level near 125’00.

We’re seeing logical or expected “Risk-Off” Money Flow behavior in the markets as a quick knee-jerk reaction to this weekend’s news.

Continue to view these markets in the broader context of Money Flow and key levels that price is moving “Toward” or “Away From” according to our game-planning strategies.

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