Quick QuadMarket Morning Money Flow Update

Jul 23, 2015: 11:45 AM CST

Our four-market grid of broader money flow continues to show distribution for commodities amid a retracement in stocks and the US Dollar.

Let’s update our Quad-Market Money Flow Grid to start Thursday and note interesting changes:

We’re seeing the simple 30-min (intraday) chart of the S&P 500 (@ES), Gold (@GC), Crude Oil (@CL), and the US Dollar Index (@DX).

This is the quad-market grid I reference to note money flow among stocks, commodities, and the Dollar – all of which are related.

Quick Updates…

The @ES continued a short-squeeze rally up to the prior high – a target – and is now retracing logically;

@GC (Gold) continues a strong distribution/liquidation swing and just broke under the $1,100 key target;

@CL (Oil) similarly experienced strong distribution along with gold and just broke the $50.00 level to new lows;

@DX (Dollar) rallied along with stocks and now is pulling back (like stocks) from the $98.00 target level.

We discuss additional targets and opportunities to Afraid to Trade members.

For now, let’s step up to the Daily Chart (color structure grid) for the broader picture:

Our Color Structure Grid focuses on the Trend (up/down/sideways) and the current swing in price.

Green refers to an upswing (rally), Red is of course a down-swing, and white is neutral/sideways for the swing.

While broader money flow is bullish in stocks, the current swing is green/trading down from resistance.

Gold registered a new impulse low on a powerful liquidation event on the break under $1,140. Gold has been downtrending throughout 2015.

Oil spent 2015 sideways between $48.00 and $63.00 and now challenges the lows of 2015 as noted (red swing).

Finally the Dollar – somewhat like stocks – has been sideways/bullish (uptrending) and also trades into short-term resistance into $98.00 (target) and is pulling back.

When setting up intraday or swing trades in these markets, be sure to reference the broader trends.

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