Quick Upside Resistance Levels to Watch on SP500

Jun 14, 2010: 10:19 AM CST

As we move up off the key “Edge of a Cliff” level – 1,040 – in the S&P 500, let’s take a quick look at the reference levels to watch as potential resistance on the S&P 500 on the bounce.

The most obvious overhead level for a short-term ‘make-or-break’ level is again 1,110.

You don’t have to get fancy to know that – we hit that level two times recently after the May low and buyers failed to push the index beyond that level – thus, it is the key for now.

If you do want to get fancy, though, 1,110 is the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement (1,108 actually) and 1,108 is currently the very important 200 day SMA – which we’ve also tested twice and failed to overcome.

Should buyers jam the index beyond 1,110, then it would likely create a quick “Short Squeeze” or popped stops breakout situation that could quickly send the index to any of the following upside targets:

1,120 (50 day EMA)
1,130 (50% Fibonacci Retracement)
1,150 (61.8% Fibonacci Retracement and key price level)

To make it abundantly simple, the pathway forward (in terms of reference levels) seems to be:

IF above 1,110 THEN expect 1,150
IF under 1,110 THEN expect 1,040

Basically, what that says is that we remain in a short-term trading range between 1,040 and 1,110.  The range will continue to hold until we get a breakout – and we will – in either direction, which should lead to a continuation move.

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Be safe.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT
Afraid to Trade.com

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4 Responses to “Quick Upside Resistance Levels to Watch on SP500”

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  2. TraderMark Says:


  3. Frank Ochoa Says:

    You are spot on about 1,110, Corey!

    One thing I find interesting is the fact that price is forming a bearish candlestick right at this zone, which also coincides with the bottom of the monthly pivot range for June at about 1,101. In a down trending market, pull-back to the pivot range are seen as selling opportunities.

    Therefore, if price cannot close above 1,110, we could easily see another test at 1,040…



  4. Saurin Shah Says:

    Excellent way of predicting future ..