Radical Reversal for Dry Ships DRYS with Bullish Surge

Nov 14, 2016: 3:50 PM CST

It’s not often you see a stock go from beneath $5.00 to $40.00 in three days.

However, that’s precisely what happened post-Election for Dry Ships (DRYS).

How’d it happen and where is it going from here?  Let’s learn a few lessons and get prepared:

As chart-based traders, we’re often agnostic to the intricate specifics of what a company does.

We prefer to identify trends and trade retracements or patterns that develop within these trends.

Dry Ships (DRYS) gives us an example to highlight a BREAKOUT from a lengthy consolidation and radical REVERSAL of a lengthy downtrend.

We’ll see the bigger picture on the Daily Chart in a moment, but for now focus on the initial November 10th breakout – on high volume and momentum – and the numerous continuity patterns (bull flags or triangle breakouts) that occurred as price traded higher and higher.

We believe that stocks which are strong tend to get stronger, not weaker and DRYS gives us a perfect example of this “strong getting stronger” concept developing rapidly.

Here’s the bigger picture from the Daily Chart:

If you try to figure this one out with logic, you’re likely to tie your brain in knots.

Focus on PRICE and the breakout reversal on high volume.

The chart above is a split-adjusted view of a downtrend stalling, price dying, investors abandoning, but then returning rapidly the last three trading sessions.

In this type of volatility, drop to the lowest timeframe you can and trade the smaller retracement patterns along the way.

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