Reader Input Needed for Upcoming Webinar on Trend Reversals

Sep 24, 2011: 7:35 PM CST

I’m pleased to announce an upcoming webinar event that needs your participation!

Hosted by Trader Kingdom and ICE Futures, I will be presenting an interactive webinar entitled:

Designed by Traders:  Trading Trend Reversals” and here’s how we need your input.

We’ll be collecting reader questions in order to shape the content and examples I present in the webinar – in short, you all will shape the content via your questions so that the webinar will be tailor-made for you.

Here’s the description of the event:

“Tell us how to make this webinar relevant to your own trading!

Join Corey Rosenbloom for this interactive event focused on trading trend reversals and customized by feedback and questions submitted by active traders.

The “Designed by Traders” educational series has been created to allow you, the actual trader, to help guide each webinar and share real-life examples of the challenges you have faced in your trading.”

Follow the links above or go directly to the “Submit Questions and Input” link via the Trader Kingdom Website.

My presentation on Trading Trend Reversals – based on your questions – will be Wednesday October 12 at 4:30 EST / 3:30 CST.

Feel free to submit questions here via the blog post comments (publicly) or via the Webinar Information/Registration Link at Trader Kingdom (privately).

You may share personal experiences, troubles, and yes successes you’ve had trading trend reversals, and what you’d like to see covered in the presentation.

From what indicators work best (and which don’t), how to combine timeframes, entry/exit/risk – I’ll consider all the questions when preparing the content and examples (stocks, futures, ETFs).

I’m excited about this event and hope you’ll submit a question or two and then join us for the presentation designed with your questions!



6 Responses to “Reader Input Needed for Upcoming Webinar on Trend Reversals”

  1. Monclernimei Says:

    I like doing business

  2. Guest Says:

    Hi Corey,
    I find your blog informative and quite practical. I think not many blogs provide without holding back insights, setups and tactics as you do.  It would be great if content has more examples of where the setup doesn't work (or early false signals) with insights from trader like you on how to minimize stepping onto those or when stepped recognize early warning signs. Other aspect would be how to combine multiple timeframes and any gotcha's one should be aware. 

    Wish you good luck in your trading!

  3. Guest Says:

    Just to be clear below question/feedback about content having more examples of where setup doesn't work with insights is for the upcoming Trader Kingdom webinar.

  4. Amaugie Says:

    Do certain time frames work better for certain markets? I've noticed silver is traded better off of a 15 min than an hourly chart. Divergences and moving averages seem to be followed closer on this time frame by many traders. I typically hold for a day to a max of one week. I have watched some videos from smb capital and I can't believe they don't use any indicators, just volume and price. I know you know Bella; is that true? I can't imagine. I'm sure that sometimes it helps to eliminate all the noise, but I think certain indicators can help you avoid false breakouts to the up or downside. I have noticed lately that new highs but mostly new lows immediately get faked out. Your thoughts and possibly strategies for this challenge? I read somewhere that when they immediately reverse price after a break out they call it “turtle soup” referring to the turtles who would always chase momentum.

  5. Amaugie Says:

    Is there a certain market you lean towards and trade more often? I think the long bond looks ready to break down but that would mean stocks should keep going up. My bias tells me stocks are stretched pretty hard to the upside. Case in point, the SMH closed outside of the upper Bollinger band yesterday and it was up against the 38% fib level and it almost looked like a fake out close above the 50 ema. I shorted with a stop above 31 and was taken out in the first hour of trading but that same hourly candle closed below 31 which I deemed to be strong resistance. Lesson learned here is don't place your stop right at an obvious level. I had hoped for a 12% move to the downside via the SOXS etf vs. being stopped out with a 3% loss to the upside( which I was) so I believe the risk to reward was good but I was foolish for having such a hard stop. We closed the day under 31, so I could have at least broke even rather than taking a 3% loss had I exercised patience and waited for an hourly close above 31 which never occured.

  6. Day Trading Says:

    Trade market opportunities, as long as you have the patience and the ability to understand the right time to buy stocks, keep it and sell to make money.