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Oct 30, 2007: 7:23 PM CST

In preparation for the Meeting of the Federal Reserve on Wednesday, why not take a look at some other insightful posts from the blog world:

Pivot Level Support and Resistance: How Often Do We Hit Those Price Targets? from Dr. Steenbarger

Wizards and Pundits – interesting post from Adam on BIDU at Daily Options Report

Commodity bull: Second phase from Smart Money Tracker

Related article from Smart Money Tracker on Inflation.

Controlling Emotions and Is There an “Emotion Switch?” both from Dr. Bruce Hong at TraderPsychology

Kevin on The Head And Shoulders Reversal Pattern

Stockbee provides specific stock possibilities in Market weakness creates opportunities in IBD 100

Try not to trade too heavily in ‘speculation mode’ tomorrow with the Fed announcement unless you’ve traded such occurrences in the past.  There is a lot of potential for profit, but also increased risk if you position incorrectly.

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