Rest Easy with this Options on ETFs Trading Strategy from John Carter

Nov 20, 2014: 11:35 AM CST

Have you ever wanted to reduce stress with your trades?  Of course, we all do.

John Carter released a quick video entitled “My Favorite Ways to Trade Options on ETFs” which combines the option world with broader ETFs.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Carter’s work and am proud to count myself as an educational affiliate of his Simpler Options trainings.

Carter goes beyond directional put and call buying strategies and introduces tips and tactics specifically designed to cut your risk in directional plays.

He also takes a moment to explain a longer-term projection – and potential trading opportunities – for the US Dollar Index.

Go over and watch his new free video – it just requires an email address – and learn from John’s truly simple yet effective approach.



2 Responses to “Rest Easy with this Options on ETFs Trading Strategy from John Carter”

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  2. Karim Says:

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