Sector Performance for June and 2008

Jun 20, 2008: 10:05 AM CST

What have your favorite sectors returned so far?  Let’s take a look at Sector SPDR performance both for the month of June so far and the year 2008 so far.

For the month of June:

The Financial sector returned the worst performance for June, dropping almost 13% so far.  The only sector to post a positive return for the month was Utilities, which did so just barely at 0.50%.

All other sectors returned roughly equivalent negative returns, with both Technology and Consumer Discretionary Spending losing roughly 7.5% each.

How have the sectors fared for the year 2008, now that it is almost half-over?

The Financial sector has declined over 20% so far, followed closely – and surprisingly – by Healthcare at a loss of 13%.

We hear of the “Credit Crisis” and “Housing Bubble Burst” but actually, Healthcare has posted the second worst sector decline of the year, which has escaped many media pundits.

The two best performing sectors of the year have been Basic Materials (up 7%) and – of course – Energy (up 9.5%).

Continue looking deeper within the sector trends for potentially profitable candidates to swing trade or perhaps use as a position trading vehicle.

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