Seeking Reader Input for October 10 Webinar on Trading Trend Days

Oct 7, 2012: 3:10 PM CST

If you are an intraday trader, what do you think about intraday Trend Days?

While some traders can’t wait for a trend day to develop, others fight the emerging trend all day long and wind up with repeated losing trades and losses.

What is a Trend Day and how do we recognize it early and profit from it?

Those will be the broad topics I’ll be discussing in a “Designed by Traders” style webinar with Trader Kingdom on October 10th, 2012 after market close.

The exciting thing about this webinar is that you the traders will help me shape the content of the presentation.

From the information and registration page at Trader Kingdom or in the comment section below, you can submit your questions, comments, or experiences and I’ll use those directly to create the content of the webinar.

Feel free to let us know if you enjoy trend days, are puzzled by them, or questions you have regarding recognition and trading tactics on trend days as they develop.

Topics most likely will include early recognition, higher timeframe factors, best trades, best indicators along with which trades and indicators to avoid as a trend day develops.

I greatly enjoyed last year’s “Designed by Traders” webinar from Trader Kingdom and ICE Futures (I discussed Trend Reversals last year) and am looking forward to another great event coming up.

There will be two other events as part of the “Designed by Traders” educational series:

Scott Andrews discusses Trading Gaps on October 17th

Nick McDonald describes Approaches to Technical Analysis on October 24th

I hope you can join us and am looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions on Trend Days!



2 Responses to “Seeking Reader Input for October 10 Webinar on Trading Trend Days”

  1. doug Says:

    Sounds good Corey– you have put on some great presentations in the past. I personally would like to see more detail on where to place entries and stops– I often identify trend days correctly but will get stopped out too soon because I have entered too soon on a false breakout from a flag. thanks

  2. Jeff Carroll Says:

    Good idea, Corey. Since I structure my trend day evaluation in this manner, I would like to see how you identify a trend day as a possibility during:
    – The prior evening
    – Premarket 7:30-8:30CST
    – Open and first 5,10,15 mins
    – First hour opening range

    And I'd also be interested in the first signals you see that indicate a trend day is ending.