Server Upgrade

Jan 23, 2009: 7:44 PM CST

Just an administrative note, we’re upgrading servers at Afraid to as I’ve outgrown my current plan and am transferring the site to the new server upgrade which is complete.  I’m sorry if you experienced an error page today.

This will allow me to spread my wings more and provide better service to readers.

If you see any errors or missing pages or any other issues during the transition, please comment or email me to let me know.

And as always, thank you so much to all of you for your support and comments, and let’s continue to grow and learn!



2 Responses to “Server Upgrade”

  1. toad37 Says:

    Amen brother! Have a good weekend

  2. Jean Says:

    I am glad for this explanation. The upgrade must have occured at the same time that I was trying to set up your twitter account. My firewall came up saying it was blocking something and there was a virus – blah blah blah. Then I couldn’t read the your charts anymore. There were just x’s. Shut down the computer and went to work hoping things resolved themselves and they did. Strange coincidence. Have really learned alot reading your work and appreciate this.