StockCharts New TickerRain Feature

May 22, 2008: 1:30 PM CST

I’m a big fan of John Murphy’s charting website, but the company has outdone itself with a new feature I just discovered entitled “TickerRain.”

What is TickerRain?

It is an interactive page where algorithms ‘rain’ (drop down in animation) the most recent ticker (stocks or index) symbols that are being viewed by site users, updated in real time, which then stacks results on a horizontal axis to provide depth.

Why is it Useful?

Beyond the fact that it is clean and neat, it can serve not only as a short-term sentiment indicator, but as an idea generator, especially for day-traders or even end-of-day (evening analytics) traders looking for potential new stock ideas. It’s also a good way to pass a few minutes watching different symbols of stocks fly across the screen.

In the 20 minutes it took me to write this post, the most popular symbol searches for that period were the following:

Apple, Inc (AAPL)
QID (ProShares Ultra-Short QQQQ)
CHK (Chesapaeke Energy)
$VIX (Volatility Index)
GLD (Gold Trust Shares)

Not only is it helpful information, but it’s extremely interesting information, especially if there’s a major shift in sentiment flooding into (or out of) a stock or index.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to see what your fellow traders are viewing on the charts.

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