Study this Free Course on the “Why, What, and How” of Trading with Elliott Wave

Oct 6, 2015: 1:35 PM CST

If you’ve dabbled with Elliott Wave in your trading or have absolutely no idea about it, you’ll likely benefit from this new three-part free educational course on the Elliott Wave Principle.

At its core, Elliott Wave is a  more-detailed approach to the works of Charles Dow, Richard Wyckoff, and many other “founding fathers” of Technical Analysis as they discussed principles of Price Action and Accumulation/Distribution Patterns.

Elliot Wave Int’l – and the educational arm Club EWI – just released a free three-part “Crash Course” (click here for more info) for you to get started or brush up on the Elliott Wave Principle.

Video 1:  “WHY Use the Elliott Wave Principle”

Video 2:  “WHAT is the Elliott Wave Principle”

Video 3:  “HOW to Trade with the Elliott Wave Principle”

As an multi-year affiliate of Club EWI, I wanted to call your attention to this free educational bundle to jump-start your interest if you’ve never considered Elliott Wave.

Take a moment to view the videos and keep an open mind as you add a potential new tool to your growing trading arsenal.

Thanks to the EWI Team for making this available to the trading community for free.


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