Surge into Breakout for Google GOOGL

Jul 14, 2015: 12:59 PM CST

Google (GOOGL) now joins a list of “Strong Getting Stronger” stocks in breakout mode.

Yesterday I highlighted tech leader Amazon and today we study Google.

Let’s jump straight in!

Like Amazon (AMZN), Google shares formed a sideways trading range (rectangle) through most of 2015.

However, the recent – expected – bullish rally “up away from” the $540.00 level resulted in a stronger than expected bullish surge toward the target near $580 which was the prior high.

Today, shares jumped above the $580.00 prior price high (rectangle) pattern target to create a breakout opportunity.

Volume over the last three days has been strong, confirming the bullish action.

Here’s the target and structure – bullish uptrend – on the Weekly Chart:

While Google shares were very strong going into 2014, buyers and sellers balanced each other and shares fell into a lengthy sideways trading range.

It took the same of a triangle with the $550.00 level as the “midpoint magnet.”

Today’s breakout pushes shares into the upper falling trendline and confluence near $600.00.

We’ll plan and manage our trades in Google (GOOGL) based on the $600.00 level and will reference it as a “bull above; cautious beneath” pivot.

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