Textbook Arc Rounded Reversal for High Flying Airlines

May 25, 2015: 2:06 PM CST

A beautiful chart pattern played out on two airline stocks – Southwest and United Airlines.

Let’s study this pattern and plan what may be next for these once high-flying names that have returned to earth.

The “Rounded Reversal” or Arc Trendline Pattern is one of my favorite chart patterns on the higher frame.

Notice the strong impulse up (late 2014) that peaked with a gentle sloping flattening in price that shifted into a steeper sell-off that we’re seeing now.

The “Arc Trendline” or “Rounded Reversal” pattern is visually appealing (it just looks good) while giving us plenty of time to adjust our trading strategies.

The breakdown in April on  high volume with a new momentum low signaled the end of the short-term uptrend and indeed price stagnated into the underside of the daily moving averages ahead of last week’s collapse breakdown.

These two stocks – and their Gap into Trend Day events – topped our list of weakest intraday stocks on May 20th.

For now, we’re focusing on the $53.00 per share level as the target/pivot point.

Continued weakness (more selling) here suggests price could go ahead and complete a sharp downside move that would look similar to the left side of the arc – meaning a movement down to $45.00 or even $40.00 per share into the future.

Otherwise, $53.00 is a possible bounce-pivot where buyers can play into this stock into support (but not under it).

The picture – and logic – is the same in Southwest Airlines (LUV):

A similar strong uptrend lifted the airlines stock from $30.00 to $46.00 per share in late 2014 only to see the upward path descend back toward the runway with the recent sell-off.

Similarly, LUV tests the late 2014 spike high and the $36.50 area should be seen as a similar pivot point.

A further decline under $36.00 suggests a touchdown near $32.00 or even $30.00 per share.

Study these textbook arc/reversal patterns and – if you’re trading these stocks – plan accordingly from a departure from the current pivot points.

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