The Apple AAPL Support Bounce Challenge May 10

May 10, 2016: 10:15 AM CST

Apple (AAPL) shares face a critical support bounce challenge – a key opportunity for traders – at the $92.00 level.

Let’s focus on this level and plan a trade on the departure from this immediate level.

We’ll start with the Daily Chart:

Apple (AAPL) rallied on positive divergences “up away from” the $92.50 level in February 2016.

Price rallied all the way back to the falling 200 day SMA (red) above $110.00 per share.

From there, a negative momentum and volume divergent preceded a reversal back to the downside as the downtrend continued.

Now, Apple traders face a similar “Will it Bounce or Will it Break” simple trading plan once again at $92.50.

I’d prefer to see a postive divergence or more sideways action develop at this level before trading bullishly.

Nevertheless, compare February 2016 to May 2016 for a similar trading opportunity and plan.

We can pull the perspective back to the Weekly Chart for a Bullish Bounce AND a Bearish Breakdown Plan:

A large-scale Fibonacci Retracement Grid reveals our key reference level near $95.00 per share.

In truth, the $92.50 level – the rising 200 week SMA – has been more effective as a short-term reversal pivot.

IF price does support-bounce and rally higher, THEN we could see an initial rally through to $104.0 per share or perhaps just above $110.00 (the prior high).

A future breakdown under $91.00 and $90.00 opens the BEARISH downside pathway perhaps to $85.50 or $80.00.

Regardless of your bullishness or bearishness on the company, focus on trading the departure from $92.50.

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