The Best of 2013 and the Seven Elliott Wave Patterns You’ll See in 2014

Jan 15, 2014: 1:41 PM CST

Club EWI just released a retrospective view of key Elliott Wave patterns, concepts, and set-ups across the broader markets (gold, currencies, crude oil, silver, and currencies) with educational insights sprinkled into the analysis.

I wanted to highlight the analytical/educational post – including videos – as an affiliate of Club EWI to those who are interested in learning more about Elliott Wave as an analysis and trading tool.

Entitled “The Best of 2013:  Seven Classic Elliott Wave Trade Set-ups You’ll See Again in 2014,” the post showcases prior analysis at key turning points during 2013 and why (and how) the analysts of the particular markets used Elliott Wave patterns/concepts in their decision process.

Here’s an example chart of Gold from the piece:

Gold Club EWI 2013

Here’s an additional description of the summary:

“We have hand-picked for you seven of the best trade set-ups of 2013 that are bound to be repeated in 2014.  The best thing about Elliott wave patterns? Easy: They repeat on all timeframes, across dozens of markets, all over the world. Once you know what to look for, you see the familiar 5s and 3s repeat in every chart.”

One does not need to be an advanced Elliott Wave scholar to find simple impulsive or corrective phases in price (in a trend), and you can use basic knowledge of Elliott concepts into your current trading style.

In fact, I advocate using Elliott principles as another way to view price itself, rather than using the strategy as a stand-alone system (which is true for any indicator or method for that matter).

Take a glance at the “Best of 2013” report and be sure to study why the patterns developed, what other factors (including simple support/resistance trendlines) were at play, and how you may be able to incorporate these patterns or concepts into your current trading strategies.


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