The Disciplined Investor Podcast Series

Apr 29, 2008: 10:01 AM CST

Not long ago, I discovered Andrew Horowitz’s website The Disciplined Investor which probably has become most known for its Podcasts.

So far, Andrew has hosted 54 episodes and has addressed a wide variety of topics, including many interviews with fellow bloggers and financial minds in the industry.

Most impressive to me, he recently interviewed former Labor Secretary Robert Reich on Super-Capitalism, which touched on a broad array of interesting economic topics.

He has also interviewed

Brian Shannon of Alpha Trends (ep. 40)
Adam Warner of Adam’s Daily Option Report (ep. 50)
Tim Knight of Slope of Hope (and founder of – ep. 47)
Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture (ep. 46)
Gal Arav, creator of NewsFlashr (ep. 50)

And many other individuals.

The podcasts themselves pop-up in iTues via this Subscribe link but you can also go to his website and download them via mp3 or for Zune as well.

Podcasts offer an alternative to websites, because they can be downloaded and taken with you wherever you go, be it in the car on the way to work, on the subway, or while exercising at the gym.

Andrew’s podcasts are professionally produced, with top talent interviews, and he is becoming a leader in the emerging financial podcast world.

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