The Dreaded Black Swan Chart Formation

Jun 3, 2008: 8:59 AM CST

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture recently identified a potentially treacherous chart pattern which could have significant ramifications for the future.

View the “Dangerous Black Swan Chart Formation” here.

Actually, the chart is a joke, and a funny one I might add, which shows a black swan (a la Nassim Talim’s work The Black Swan) interspersed over the daily chart of the S&P 500.  It’s one of those instances that adds a little levity to chart analysis.

I also had to post the ‘analysis’ by Trail who interpreted the chart pattern as:

Black swan? Ha! If you had been around charts and technical analysis as long as I have, you would recognize that as a speckled turkey. It has only appeared 7 times in the last 97 years of market history. Always followed by a market correction of at least 32%, along with cranberry sauce and a long weekend.

Check out the chart for a good laugh!

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