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Mar 21, 2014: 5:04 AM CST

If you’re new to options trading, it can be helpful to learn as many strategies as possible before focusing on a tactic (or set of tactics) that you understand and can implement consistently.

Options strategies range from the simple (buying a put or call instead of buying or shorting shares of a stock) all the way to complex hedging or directionless strategies that take advantage of time decay.

Similarly, one must study as much as possible before trading options because they carry significant risk, especially when selling “naked.”

Please do your due diligence and lots of research before jumping into the option trading arena.

I did want to highlight a new, free video from my affiliate Trading Concepts which serves as another bit of education shared from current option traders.

Todd Michell and Doc Severson discuss some of the ways the options markets have changed recently and how they have adapted (with respect to volatility).

Doc reveals that multiple strategies are preferable to single strategies (many traders just use one strategy in all market conditions, with mixed results).

In something that was interesting to me, he mentions how to adapt positions when the market moves against your position.  Specifically, he discusses “defense” when trading options.

The free email registration page (linked above) provides you a 5-min ‘teaser’ video that sets up a broader webinar that you can attend on four selected dates (March 25th or March 27th at 12:00pm EST or 8:00pm EST both days).

As is often the case, you’re simply asked to provide your email to access the video and webinar, and have no obligation to purchase additional material unless you find the free content beneficial to your educational journey and would like to learn more.  As an affiliate, I receive no compensation unless you do decide to purchase training or additional material from Trading Concepts (affiliate networks help support the Afraid to Trade free blog).


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