The Simple but Critical Level to Watch on SPX Weekly

Oct 30, 2010: 12:57 PM CST

We all try to make charting complex, but sometimes it’s the simplest facts and realities that give us clues to the most important turns or inflections in a major market.

We’re at one of those points right now in the S&P 500 – as seen on the Weekly chart below in simplest terms:

I’m only showing the 200 week Simple Moving Average and the three times it’s been effective in forming a short/intermediate term peak in the S&P 500.

It happened initially in August 2008, then recently at the April 2010 peak, and it’s happening again at the 1,200 level as we end October 2010.

I know it sounds stupidly simple, but one of two things are going to happen:

1.  History will repeat, and thus the market has peaked and will be heading lower next week and beyond,

2.  History will change (“This time it’s different”) and the market will break solidly above the 200w SMA (1,200 level) and will be the confirmation or beginning of a new bullish breakout that could send price up to 1,400 or higher.

Start your analysis with that type of thinking:  Either it’s going to hold or it isn’t.  And then develop strategies for both contingencies, depending on your activity level as a trader or investor.

The 2010 high – and thus ‘new recovery’ high is 1,220, so it’s best to wait to see if the index can go ahead and shatter that resistance level. For extra proof, the 61.8% Fibonacci ‘big-scale’ retracement is 1,228.

If so, realize that there will be a lot of investors and traders who will be forced to do one of these major actions at such a critical juncture:

1.  Sidelined/Doubting Bulls – holding cash – may decide “Enough’s enough” and jump in the market with big buy orders,

2.  Frustrated/Losing Bears – holding short – may also decide “Enough’s enough” and jump OUT of the market initially (short-squeeze) and then may ‘flip/reverse’ and position long.

Of course, next week brings us three major market-changing events – that of the Congressional Elections, Federal Reserve Announcement, and (typical) Jobs Report.

How these events unfold – and the market’s reaction to them – will likely determine which of the two scenarios above will occur.

Either we break out or we don’t, and thus reverse here.  And what happens here could determine the market direction for months.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT
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6 Responses to “The Simple but Critical Level to Watch on SPX Weekly”

  1. Askchrishetrades Says:

    Great simple approach to the area we are at. Good stuff !!!

  2. Mr. Tuxedo Says:

    What indicator do you use with a ribbon study?

    Actually, the momentum has headed down.

  3. Mxriderbp Says:

    It looks like a new lower high was created each time. That is something to monitor as well…

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  5. Sqwii Says:

    Hi Corey

    Take in mind today we have no economic numbers – but most likely people afraid before the tomorrow and is going to sell. But I wanna also point out that they may manipulate markets up so people think we are going to rally big and then like yesterday they will sell the pop.

    Take a look at the VIX chart – fear is comming into markets again and breaking out , the dollar bottomed and warming up for a big move to the upside , the crash is comming , and its right around the corner. We wont see this area again in our lifetime imo and the QQQQ is about to breakdown with other indexes and financials.

    Updated my latest view on

    Again – do you really think markets going to explode higher with smart money shorting like they never did before – optimism in markets this high? – No one is bullish the dollar? And insiders selling all they can do? Think about it again…

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