This Week’s SFO – Psychological Issues

Jul 17, 2007: 9:21 AM CST

For those of you interested in Behavioral Finance or the Psychology of Trading, this month’s edition of Stocks, Futures, and Options Magazine contains plenty of information regarding these topics and more.

The cover article is entitled “Build Your Trading Brain,” and other articles in the magazine include the following:

“This is your brain on trading,”
“On the Hunt for Market Moods…,”
Behavior Economics: Most Take High-Risk Gamble to Avoid a Sure Loss,”
“Tech Take: Crowd Psychology and Market Turns,”
“Building Your Trading Brain – A Framework to Manage Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions”

Other articles address option strategies and commodity trading tips.

As a bonus, there is a great book review of Brett Steenbarger’s Enhancing Trader Performance. If you have not read this book at least twice yet, I strongly recommend you do so.

You can subscribe online at SFO and receive the hardcopy, or go to your local newsstand/bookstore, or you can view each of these articles free online this month with registration.

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