Three Quick Cross-Market Reversals Today June 10

Jun 10, 2016: 2:27 PM CST

For short-term and intraday traders, three trend reversals occurred on the lower frames today.

Let’s compare the money flow and price movement across Stocks, Crude Oil, and the US Dollar Index:

I’m intending this post to be a quick overview for short-term/intraday traders.

Stocks and Crude Oil were correlated – both rose in late May and have now turned lower (retraced) into June.

At the same time, the US Dollar Index stagnated into the $95.60 level and reversed lower as stocks/oil traded higher at the beginning of June.

Now, we’re seeing a bullish reversal higher “up away from” $93.50 while stocks and oil fall.

We cover these markets for trend and trading signals along with Gold and US Treasuries (both of which continue to trade higher today) in our Weekly Member Strategy Planning reports.

Even if you only trade one of these markets, you benefit by comparing and contrasting money flow across the markets in terms of Risk-On and Risk-Off signals.

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