Tips Tactics and Trades for Intraday Reversals Webinar Thursday

Oct 19, 2016: 12:25 PM CST

We’re looking forward to another informational, interactive webinar this Thursday October 20th!

Tips, Tactics, and Trades:  Trend Reversals in 2016” at 4:30 EST / 1:30 PST.

In just over an hour, we’ll cover how to recognize an Intraday Trend Reversal in stocks, ETFs, and especially index futures before other traders catch on – giving YOU the advantage in your trades.

We’ll talk indicators, moving averages, volume, momentum, internals and other factors you can use for clues.

Attendees of this event with learn:

  • Corey’s “Kick-Off” concept
  • Specific indicators you can use
  • Which moving average combinations to use for better accuracy
  • Specific trade set-ups that can get you on the right side of a rapid market movement

Don’t get caught on the wrong side of a trend day! I’ll gladly answer your trend questions live using multiple real-world examples.

Join us! It’s free, there’s no sales – just actionable education you can start using now.

Thanks to Big Mike Trading and for making this possible to the trading community!



2 Responses to “Tips Tactics and Trades for Intraday Reversals Webinar Thursday”

  1. Intelligent Trend Follower Says:

    Looks like an awesome trading webinar. Based on the strategies you share here on the blog I’m sure it will be worth checking out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sophia Says:

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