Top Ten Put and Call Option Volume and Activity March 6

Mar 6, 2017: 10:13 PM CST

File this under “interesting reference post” – as these are the top ten stocks and ETFs that traded the most Put and Call Option volume (and activity) today.

Is your favorite name on this list? Is there anything surprising to you?

While it’s logical to see the SPY, QQQ, and even the IWM on the list, look beneath the big ETFs to find leading stock activity.

For example, Apple (AAPL) was the top stock (#2 total) at 387,842 option volume today while Bank of America (BAC) came in fourth overall at 284,583 options.

The most unexpected addition to the list today was the HYG High Yield Bond ETF which most traders may not be familiar.

Otherwise, AMD (see today’s update post on Advanced Micro) joined Facebook (FB) as the other top (option volume) stocks of the day.

You can use simple lists like this to spur trade ideas and get a sense of what other fellow traders are trading.

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