Tracking Money Flow and Sector Rotation Video

Dec 26, 2015: 7:40 PM CST

James Ramelli and I presented a featured webinar earlier in December entitled:

“How to Follow Money Flow and Sector Rotation”

We shared our combined experiences and strategies to help you identify “big money” movements and how to follow the money using sector rotation and specific option-tracking strategies.

Here is the replay of that live event presented just for you.

Also, during the webinar, I offered two months of full-member access (strategies, in-depth stock-scanning, preparing for the next trading day) and included the bundled 10 Lessons from Afraid to Trade.

You can still access this special webinar-special discounted offer for you by clicking here.

Thank you to James and AlphaShark for the opportunity and we hope you enjoy the presentation as much as we did!

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