Trading Bots and Skill Analytics Launched

May 27, 2008: 10:38 AM CST

The Tyro Trader, who formally wrote for the Tyro Trader Blogspot, has recently launched a new blog dedicated to information pertaining to automated trading “bots” and his experience as he develops and trades an automated system.

The new site is entitled “Trading Bots” and has great potential and should hold the interest of those developing, or wanting to learn more about automated trading.

So far, Tyro has links to articles on automated trading and is detailing his experience as he develops and puts these systems into actual practice.

“Individuals have the luxury of trading manually or using automation. The big hedge funds and quant houses aren’t so lucky. Automation is giving individuals more opportunities, not less.”

Also, I discovered another site that is dedicating itself to system development and testing, entitled “Skill Analytics.”  Author Damian writes, “This blog is intended as a way for me to journal my own exploration of computerized financial trading systems.”

Both sites are new and have great potential, so if you’re interested in automated trading or systems trading/research, visit the sites and follow their journeys.


2 Responses to “Trading Bots and Skill Analytics Launched”

  1. Tyro Says:

    Thanks for the link back and especially for the “Skill Analytics” link. It looks like he has a lot of good ideas in there.

  2. Damian Says:

    Really appreciate the shoutout to my blog and the kind comments!