Trading the Extended Intraday Run

Nov 18, 2014: 3:52 PM CST

How do you trade run-away markets?  Very carefully!

Let’s chart the intraday stock market action and focus on a kindergarten-simple strategy that beats virtually all others when the market forms these sort of creeping-trend patterns.

With the market overextended and negatively divergent into resistance, logic and most strategies suggested odds favored a retracement lower.

However, the alternate “unexpected” thesis planning called for a strong breakout on a trigger to new highs, which would be generated by another short-squeeze and stop-losses triggered by the bears.

We ALWAYS plan a logical/dominant thesis and then buffer it with an equally plausible alternate thesis to be objective and allow us time to adapt to real-time market changes.

That’s what I repeatedly stress and teach to members of the Premium Strategy Planning reports each night.

I also strongly highlighted this “violent, upside break” potential in this morning’s Market Briefing with TradeStation.

Our plan often calls for larger price movement to occur IF the alternate (unexpected) thesis triggers.

That’s because a lot of traders will “do the right thing” according to logic and then wind up trapped, forced to cover losing positions quickly.

That’s how Trend Days like this develop and sustain themselves the whole session.

So how do you trade these rare but real events as they develop? It’s actually so simple – yet hardly anyone does it.

Here’s the same chart with all the clutter and irrelevant information removed:

As I stress to members, in these rare breakout events that create Trend Days, you should focus your attention on price and its relation to continuously rising moving averages.

In this case, I’m showing the green 20 EMA and the blue 50 EMA on the 5-min intraday chart.

What do we do?

Simply buy pullbacks/retracements that touch or test the rising 20 or 50 EMA.

You can also wait to trigger your buy signal on a break above a falling “flag” trendline.

Target at least the prior high (exit on touch) or hold for a slight movement above the prior high as the trend continues (exiting on the break under a rising trendline).

Trail your stop under the 20 EMA and repeat this process as long as price continues trading higher (meaning, stop buying pullbacks that trade under the 20 and especially 50 period EMA).

The more you think about it, the more you’ll hesitate, and the fewer trades you take.

If you think too much, you’ll even short the market and will CONTRIBUTE to the upside action when you eventually stop out at a higher level.

During rare but real events like this, follow price… and nothing else.

Simple strategies work.

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