Trading Weekly Options with John Carter

Aug 14, 2013: 12:20 PM CST

I wanted to highlight a new video from John Carter on how he has been successful using Weekly Options which are a relatively under-used area of the options market.

In his new part-promotional, part-educational video, John shares some of his insights along with a broad overview of his strategies and why he prefers using the shorter-termed options for his trading, especially in high-priced stocks.

The image above links you to John’s video “Beating the Market Makers” and email registration page (a quick email sign-up is required to view the video) at Simpler Options (of which I am an affiliate member).

There will be at least one additional educational video posted in the series and if you have any interest in options or are unfamiliar with what weekly (shorter-term) options are and how they’re used by professionals, you will likely find the video helpful in learning about a new topic or new potential strategies you can add to your growing trader toolbox.



3 Responses to “Trading Weekly Options with John Carter”

  1. Dirk Friedrich Says:

    I noticed the numbers in the highlighted column (P/L Year) add up to a different total (actually larger, just above $1M) than is shown on the bottom line. The numbers in the column to the left (P/L Open) match the total shown on the bottom line. This discrepancy strikes me as odd!

  2. Corey Rosenbloom, CMT Says:


    Good catch! It may not be a full or year-long portfolio screen capture and I assume that John trades several accounts, not solely options (he's also known as a futures trader).

  3. Dirk Friedrich Says:

    Never mind… when the “$180,559.9…” entry on the “NFLX” line is treated as a loss then the numbers add up correctly to the total shown on the bottom line. It is not clear from the screenshot that this entry is a loss because no loss brackets – as seen on all the other loss lines – are visible.