Triangle vs Fibonacci Emini Update October 10

Oct 10, 2016: 10:57 AM CST

What’s superior – the Triangle Pattern or our Fibonacci Grid?  Or both?!

Here’s today’s updated Fibonacci and Emini (@ES) trading levels for your trades:

Here’s a reference guide of how to use and trade from these morning updates.

We’ve been highlighting the Symmetrical Triangle (red/green) in our plans and we’re seeing price bounce up away from the lower boundary (and 38.2% Fibonacci Level) to the upper trendline (above the 61.8% level).

The main idea is that there is a gravitational force – a Magnet – between 2,139 and 2,157 in the @ES.

We’re seeing a push up through this level into our upper trendline.

IF price continues higher THEN we’ll expect a movement toward 2,169 or higher.

However, if the triangle holds price and pulls it lower – like a Magnet – then we’re bearish under 2,160.

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