Try Out Seven Days of Professional Market Analysis This Week

Jul 22, 2014: 4:32 PM CST

If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s behind the pay-wall (membership site) of Elliott Wave International’s team of analysts and their premium services for multiple markets covered, you have your chance to kick the tires and read all their professional analysis for free for one week starting July 23rd.

I can’t remember when they’ve opened their entire site to the public – email is still required for the trial – and even if you are unfamiliar with their company or method of analysis, you can try it out and see what their analysis suggests about current market opportunities or trends.

As an affiliate, I tend to support their educational outreach instead of their analysis services, but you have an opportunity to see what they’re saying, see how it incorporates into your trading strategies, and decide for yourself whether you would benefit personally from membership into any of their professional analysis services.

Here’s a quick description from the site (where you can learn more information):

“Why are they “opening the doors”?

Previously, Pro Services were reserved mostly for institutional subscribers. Today, everyone can trade the markets only the pros could trade before.

They want you to experience the quality of professional-grade market forecasting. We think you’ll love it.

Join EWI July 23-30 and get intensive Pro Service forecasts for 5 major market categories:

  1. Stocks (U.S., Europe, Asia)
  2. Currencies (11 biggest forex pairs)
  3. Metals (futures: precious and industrial)
  4. Energy (futures: crude, Brent, nat gas and more)
  5. Interest Rates (futures: bonds in U.S., Europe, Asia)

Whatever market you are into, chances are, Pro Services have a forecast for you.”

Again, I am an affiliate of EWI and prefer their educational content which I have found helpful, but I wanted to mention this is a fresh opportunity to take a look at what analysis and market commentary services EWI has to offer to readers who may find it helpful (or at least interesting).


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