Two SP500 Triangles and Updated Selloff Level Planning

Apr 1, 2015: 9:23 AM CST

The stock market fell victim to sharp selling pressure overnight that continued into the morning session.

Sellers and bears have a key support level ahead of them and buyers are eying it eagerly.

Let’s highlight two triangle support levels for the S&P 500 and plot the current short-term plays:

The chart above is a pure-price perspective of the S&P 500 with two triangle patterns highlighted.

Stock Prices coiled in they yellow triangle through most of 2015 so far, only to see a February breakout falter and create a second, smaller purple triangle.

At the moment, stock prices trade into the lower trendline boundary near 2,050.

Note the planning pathway – a support-bounce up off 2,050 suggests a play back toward the 2,090/2,011 upper trendline to continue the range.

However, a trigger-break under the current 2,050 level suggests a downside play toward the midpoint of the prior triangle at 2,020.

Here’s a broader perspective beyond the pure price and triangle chart:

We see the two triangles with rectangle highlights (simply a different perspective).

Note the persistent uptrend and semi-repeat structure to what we saw in January.

At this point, we’ll be BEARISH on a trigger-break under 2,045 and 2,040 to target the 2,020 confluence.

Otherwise, we’re support-BOUNCE bullish just to play a possible swing up to continue the pattern.

Use these levels and the prior triangle example into your current analysis and positions.

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