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Oct 16, 2007: 1:09 AM CST

I have updated my links to posts I have written, and links I have compiled (and am developing) on my page (link in upper right of blog) entitled “Overcoming Fear.”

After all, overcoming fear and gaining a solid education to approach trading with renewed confidence is what this blogsite (and eventual website) is all about from a practical/actionable standpoint.

Education is wonderful, but there comes a point in time where you must apply your learning to gain experience.

It is my intention to continue to write posts on my insights and experiences as to market education and overcoming fear in trading, and I will continually update that page with new posts and links. Please keep checking back and reading the articles and I appreciate all of you who do and those who have benefited from the site or interactions.

Also, browse through some of my strategies and trade set-ups I use most frequently on the educational component on the site entitled “My Strategies.” Although I’m lagging behind in updating this section, I will continue to do so in the next few weeks.

To get you started in overcoming your fears and anxieties, I have selected a few posts from my blog for further reading. Be sure to check out the most updated list on the “Overcoming Fear” link above:

How to Overcome Deer in the Headlights Syndrome

Ride Out Emotions for Greater Success

Shifting Focus for Greater Success

Regret Aversion

To Over-Conservative Traders – Comments from a Master

How do Emotions Affect my Trading Targets?

Also, don’t miss my page on Fear Links – including the Four Fears of Trading – as written by Price Headley.

If you have any articles/blog posts, or know of any particularly helpful posts from other authors, please send me a comment or email so that I can link to that source.

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