Updating Amazon AMZN Gap into Fibonacci Support

Jan 31, 2014: 4:15 PM CST

For traders of Amazon.com (AMZN), this morning opened with a sharp downside gap and a powerful Trend Day down continued the selling pressure.

Let’s update our Amazon (AMZN) charts and note the current level to watch from our prior “Level Watching and Swing Trade Planning” parameters.

Amazon Amazon.com AMZN Trading Amazon Gap Earning Retracement Fibonacci Fibonacci Retracement Swing Trading Day Trading

From my prior update on January 16th, I noted the same multi-swing (lengthy) negative momentum divergence into the $400 per share target level.

Despite yesterday’s strong upside speculative bounce, today’s gap and breakdown impulse confirmed the dominant thesis – that divergences into resistance suggested a sell-off phase for the stock.

With today’s gap and Trend Day, the first or initial target has been achieved.  Amazon (AMZN) closed the session into the 38.2% Fibonacci Retracement near $360 per share.

We’ll use this for our focal point for strategy planning.  While a bounce/retracement up off this level would be expected, be prepared to continue playing for potential lower targets such as the 50% retracement into $343 (retesting the gap-low) or even the $330 per share level.

A glance at the Weekly Chart shows us another interesting factor to watch:

Amazon Amazon.com Amazon Stock AMZN Trading Amazon Trading AMZN Swing Trading Swing Trade Weekly Chart Technical analysis

We can see the primary uptrend in price from 2012 to present (and actually even before then) and we’ll note the tendency for price – in an uptrend – to retest the rising 20 week EMA.

That’s the same outcome which occurred recently in the S&P 500 and Amazon is no exception to the “pullback in an uptrend” scenario.

For now, we’ll again focus our attention on the rising 20 EMA into $365 per share.  Note that while price closed under the weekly EMA, it held support so far on the Daily Chart Fibonacci Grid.

We can look back from 2012 to present to see each time price traded briefly under the 20 EMA only to resume the uptrend in motion.

On two occasions, price traded down to the rising 50 day EMA and if history repeats with a sharper/steeper retracement, the 50 week EMA target intersects the $325/$328 Daily Chart 61.8% Fibonacci Level.

Continue monitoring price relative to these levels and the immediate “support or break” challenge into $360.

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3 Responses to “Updating Amazon AMZN Gap into Fibonacci Support”

  1. Pd Johnson Says:

    Now, draw up a short from the last swing high to lows, once the 50% retracement level holds (if it does!!)…that short must break its 61.8% level or Amazon, as you say, will continue lower. Also watch the 61.8% level of this long: it must hold or it will go way lower into the next support levels.

  2. Pd Johnson Says:

    Email me if you have questions. I use Fibs exclusively for trading and understand them intimately.

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