Using SmartScan to Find Winning Trades

Feb 10, 2009: 9:20 AM CST

One of the major benefits of the MarketClub is the ability to Scan quickly a wide universe of stocks to determine trend and then find stocks setting up current buy (or sell-short) signals based on their proprietary mix of indicators that comprise the “Trade Triangle” Technology.

Adam Hewison released an introductory video today that goes into more detail about how to use their “SmartScan” feature to filter through the universe of symbols to find key stocks to watch or trade when a signal is given.

Here are a couple of screencaps from the video and from their members’ software:

Smart Scan

Clicking on the images links to the video as well.

They offer 24 different types of scans relating to new highs/lows, trend (direction and duration), MA crossovers, and – as you can see from the lower description box – each scan is described in detail of what it is seeking to find in the market.

From your scan, you can then find charts such as the following to help you then make your trading and risk-management decisions:

Smart Scan 2

The particular scan Adam is showing here finds stocks in a downtrend that are ‘rolling over’ perhaps providing a new short-sell entry as they break support levels and moving average.

Finally, here is a portion of text (reprinted with permission) from Adam introducing the video:

“One of the really great benefits of MarketClub is the ability to find markets that are headed higher and those headed lower.

We do this through the use of our Smart Scan technology that spots markets that are trending either on the upside or downside. This technology also helps identify markets that are moving sideways and may be candidates to watch for breakout price action.

Now imagine having a tool that can do this for stocks, futures, precious metals, ETFs and foreign exchange. You can see the scope and the power that this tool has to spot winning trades in any market.

In this short video, I will show you how to utilize this powerful tool and just how easy it is to filter and find trades that meet criteria that you set.  The video is available at no charge and there is no registration requirements.”

As always, thank you to Adam and staff for their educational video series and commitment to education.

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club.

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