Video: Actionable Option Strategies in Any Market Condition

Sep 5, 2015: 10:04 AM CST

I’m excited to share with you my colleague John Carter’s new video he just released after the recent market volatility.

John is best known for teaching actionable strategies in easy-to-understand language and I fully support his educational efforts to the trading community – and hope you benefit from his teachings and strategies.

His new video is entitled “Actionable Option Strategies to Profit in ANY Market” and it’s more boldly subtitled “How I turned $150,000 to $650,000 in 8 Months with this Plan.

John has the numbers to back his claims up – as he’s done repeatedly in the past – and he’s happy to share his option-based strategy for how he did just that.

Click above to learn more and watch John’s video for you

In the video, John specifically will be covering with you these four points (and more):

Don’t hesitate!  Even if you are totally new to options, or don’t feel like they would be beneficial to you, I still recommend clicking over to watch the video and learning how a professional trader uses options to grow his account consistently.

Learn his strategies, what worked and what didn’t, and then copy his success into your own trading plan.

I’m a fully supportive and enthusiastic affiliate and colleague of John and I’m always excited when he releases new videos to the trading community.

Go see what he did, how he did it and how you can benefit from his teachings right now!


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  1. Vinot Says:

    This strategy definitely looks cool, I have not done much of Option trading, but I believe with these types of strategies, it is easier for anyone to start up. Right now I do Forex trading, so I will request you to provide some strategy for that as well while at the moment I am very comfortable trading with OctaFX broker since they have excellent cTrader platform where I can trade so much better due to upgraded system and much more.