Video: Fibonacci in the Gold Market

Feb 6, 2009: 1:10 PM CST

Adam Hewison of the Market Club released a video on basic 101 Fibonacci Retracement Application which many newer traders will find helpful.  Adam explains what the Fibonacci retracement grid does and how to apply it to price swings and walks you through the process showing you several examples in a video format.

Adam demonstrates the “Fibonacci Rule” in Gold (15 min chart examples):

Market Club Fibonacci Gold

The image also takes you to the video link.

Adam describes how to find price highs and lows (which is obvious to some traders but not to others) and then explains where to be looking for opportunities to buy into a stock (or market) that is in a confirmed uptrend.  Hint – he finds the 50% retracement quite useful and demonstrates its application several times in the 8 minute instructional video.

He also showcases more of the Market Club’s charting capability beyond the “triangles.”  I’ve had readers ask me “Is that all there is to the Market Club charting?  Just triangles?”.  You can actually use various indicators (notice the Studies box at the top left) and apply Fibonacci and other forms of analysis.  I’ve noticed that Adam tends to keep his free educational posts simple so that more people can understand them and not walk away confused.

In this video, Adam describes the “Fibonacci Rule” and explains how to apply it in gold and states, “This is something that you should really look for when a market has a correction, as it will allow you to enter a position with very little risk.”

The video is part of “MarketClub’s educational trading video series to help you achieve greater success in your own personal trading.”

As always, thank you to Adam and staff for making these videos available and helping guide newer traders in the markets.  If you’re interested in learning more, visit them for additional information and a one-month trial offer.

Corey Rosenbloom

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club, occasional contributor to their blog, and support their educational outreach to newer traders).

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    This video is very helpful. Thanks for posting this Corey.