Video: John vs The Machines (Carter Takes on HFT)

Apr 24, 2014: 1:05 PM CST

John Carter’s at it again with an entertaining yet educational new video about the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT) and how the trading game has changed over the last few years.

Craftily titled “High Frequency Trading – Rise of the Trading Machines,” John pulls back the curtain on what’s different and what we can do about it as small traders:

In the video, you’ll be introduced to what the machines are doing and why trading has become more difficult over the last few years.

I like John’s analogy about how we the small traders run a 5k race on foot while the machines (traders) run the same race in a car.  It’s quite the competitive advantage.

The video is a teaser to a full webinar John will deliver on Tuesday, April 29th so mark your calendar to attend.

As you know, I’m a colleague of John Carter and affiliate of his Simpler Options educational website.

Those of you who know John are aware of his engaging, often comical way of presenting important information to the trading community.

I’ll be looking forward to attending this webinar as well!


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