Video: My Favorite Strategies for Trading a Volatile Market

Feb 26, 2016: 2:52 PM CST

What specific strategies should you use when the market picks up in volatility?

Take a moment to view this video from my colleague, expert trader John Carter as he shares his strategies for trading volatile markets like the environment we’ve seen lately.

I’ve trusted John’s teachings for many years and have worked with him many times in the past.

In this brief video, John will share with you:

-His favorite strategy for trading everything from Crude Oil to NFLX

-Why decades from now investors will look back at 2016 as the best trading environment ever

-The reasons why volatility can be your best friend even for newbies with small accounts

-Why options are the best trading vehicle on the planet right now

-Why down markets are better than up markets

-How to make successful trades on your phone while you are at work

I enjoyed watching the video and wanted to share it with you – it will get you up to speed in the current market.

Thanks as always to John and his team for his continued outreach and education to the trading community!


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