Video: Strategies for Growing a Small Trading Account

Jun 2, 2014: 1:09 PM CST

What specific strategies are effective for new traders with relatively small trading accounts?

Experienced trader John Carter of Simpler Options released a video this morning specifically tailored to traders with goals of growing a small account incrementally into a larger account.

Here’s a link to his free video which introduces a more detailed webinar:

John Carter Growing Small Accounts Video Link

In the video, John will briefly cover the following tips and strategies:

  • The difference between trading for income vs. growth and what no one else will tell you about this
  • The # 1 job of every trader has to accomplish or look for a new job
  • Why you don’t want to focus on being right in trading and yes this is counter intuitive
  • Examples of my favorite trades for growing a small account
  • Position sizing appropriately for a small account and the types of stocks and ETFs to trade

In addition, John always shows his account and how he is directly applying these strategies for himself.

I am a long-time colleague of John and am a proud affiliate of Simpler Options.

I also used simple option strategies when I was starting to trade higher priced stocks when trading was still a hobby for me in 2004.

Thanks to John for continuing to provide education (in an easy-to-understand, often engaging style) to the trading community.


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