Video: When to Take Profits and When to Hold On

Jun 2, 2016: 2:45 PM CST

When should we grab our profits and when should we hold on for a bigger win?

John Carter just realized a helpful video on the topic where he details his strategies for setting up big wins.

He uses the example of Tesla (TSLA) where he recently profited $17,000 in a single day!

Here’s the video for you:

Carter is known for his style of “explaining the simple” concepts in plain language with real-world examples of actual trades.

He reveals how long he “stalked” the trade set-up and when (and why) he jumped into the recent price action.

Take a moment of your time to see how he planned and executed this trade and how you can incorporate his lessons into your own trading.

Thanks as always to John for his continued outreach to the trading community!


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