Want to Contribute to an Epic Work?

Aug 30, 2007: 9:49 PM CST

Craig at Swing-Trade-Stocks.com is offering a possibly unprecedented opportunity for traders of all experience levels.

He invites all traders to submit strategies, tips, tricks, and experiences so that they can be meshed together into a larger e-book on trading that will be offered free of charge in the future. What’s more is that future readers will be able to comment and add thoughts to what others have submitted, thus creating a seemingly ever evolving text and resource that will be valuable in so many ways.

I just discovered this developing project today and will be creating a few submissions this weekend. I encourage any trader who has found something that works to consider submitting a few tips and tricks as well.

Think outside the box – don’t just provide content that everyone will know. Every trader has a unique take on the markets and a unique sequence of experiences that has contributed to their development as a trader.

When I was starting out, it helped me to read experiences or stories from traders who started like me. I studied the ‘superstars,’ and learned from their writings, but what really grabbed my attention was when I was able to talk to, or read from an “average Joe” trader who either traded from home or did so at a small office away from Wall Street. These “real life” stories made a great difference to me and helped me sustain motivation to keep learning and attempting until it all fell together.

There are a lot of smart traders out there, and we all come from different backgrounds and have learned things differently. We all trade differently at times. We all have strategies that work for us… or have not worked for us at all (share those as well).

The link is called “Your Trading Tips” and I would recommend reading it and seeing if you have what it takes to articulate a few tips or strategies you think other traders would find beneficial. There is so much to be said for sharing this knowledge with others.

I applaud Craig for attempting this endeavor and wish him the best.

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