What Happens in Vegas….

Nov 14, 2007: 8:20 PM CST

I’m excited to announce that I will be in Las Vegas attending the Traders Expo from Thursday, November 15th until Sunday, November 18th.

This will be my fifth Traders Expo and I have loved each and every one of them, including seminars attended, contacts with other traders, product demonstrations, and everything. I even love Las Vegas!

Here is a banner to the webpage for the Traders Expo:


I cannot even begin to describe the wealth of information and products to demo… all for Free! While there are some paid sessions (with wonderful content and access to major traders), 95% of the sessions and seminars are absolutely free. The cost of attendance is only your food, hotel, and ticket there and back.

This is actually my longest ‘vacation’ from the blog since I began writing in February, and I promise to return Sunday with great stories, information, and possible product reviews.

The next Traders Expo will be in New York from February 16th until the 19th. Consider this seriously if it can fit into your schedule.


In the meantime while I am away, feel free to browse past Afraid to Trade.com articles, including the following trading strategies I use frequently:

Momentum Divergences
The “Impulse Buy”
Sector Rotation/Sector Strength and Weakness (hedging strategies)
Playing Against the Crowd
“Perversion” Trades (capitalize on euphoria and greed from classic patterns)
Trend Beginning and “Sweet Spots” in the Data

The following form the core of my trading philosophy:

The Four Principles of Market Behavior
The Four Main Trade Set-ups across any time frames

In addition, don’t forget to brush up on some psychological insights and tips from the “Overcoming Fear” section of the blogsite.

Until then, be safe, trade well, and manage risk intelligently.

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