Will Your Starbucks be Closing? See Full List Here.

Jul 18, 2008: 9:54 AM CST

If you’ve become dependent on that morning cup o’ Joe from your favorite local Starbucks, you might want to check out this list published by USA Today which lists every single Starbucks (SBUX) store (600 of them) that will be closing soon.

USA Today Article Link to PDF File of all 600 Starbucks Store Closings

If you just want to know how many Starbucks will be closing in each state, view a compact list provided by Bill Virgin writing for Seattlepi.com.

Not surprisingly, the following large states were hit the hardest:

California (88 closings)
Florida (59 closings)
Texas (57 closings)

I will be losing a Starbucks just down the road from me in my hometown, but no worries because I think there are at least 5 others in the city.

Investors in the stock have seen an abysmal performance over the last few years:

Management believes the closings will help save capital and potentially increase profits long-term.

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