Year End View of Commodities

Dec 26, 2007: 11:16 AM CST

2007 will partially be known as the “Year of the Commodity Boom” due to the fact that some major commodity prices, including crude oil, hit new all-time highs and provided savvy traders with numerous opportunities for profit.

Let’s look at some of them in no particular order:

Corn (continuous):


Wheat (continuous):


Gold (continuous):


Crude Oil (continuous):


Not everything was amazing in 2007, however.

Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (Pit contract):

Of course, the US Dollar (futures contract) saw new lows this year and other commodities behaved normally.

However, some provided key opportunities to trade with miraculous profits for those nimble and courageous enough to hold commodities longer term (rolling over contracts), or swing trade in and out of them

What will 2008 bring for commodities?  That is the multi-million dollar question!

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