Five Fresh New Hewison Videos for You

Jul 23, 2009: 1:56 PM CST

Wow!  Adam Hewison released five new free educational and analytical videos from his “Digital Studios” from Market Club.  Each video is about 5 minutes in length and no registration is required to view them.

His first video (image and link above) is entitled: “Pre-Earnings Apple (AAPL) Analysis” where Adam discusses the technicals/chart and recent “Trade Triangles” as being critical for determining the next likely move in Apple (he has been right on this as price rised as he ‘predicted’ in the video here after earnings).  The video teaches how charting relates to earnings and why charts often have clues to upcoming moves.

Here are the links to the other videos you might find interesting, based on your trading style (stocks, ETFs, or FOREX):

“How you SHOULD Have Traded Goldman Sachs (GS)”
“My gut reaction is how can an institution that so embodies Wall Street be making so much money as if the credit crisis never happened.

In today’s short video I’m going to be analyzing the stock of a Wall Street juggernaut known as Goldman Sachs. The video shows you how you could have used MarketClub’s “Trade Triangle” technology to make a ton of money just like Goldman Sachs.”

“What’s the Best Trading Strategy for USO (US Oil Fund ETF)”?:
“You’ll quickly see how the MarketClub “Trade Triangle” strategy is working in this market.  In this short video, I give you a specific triangle to look for in the future and how this market can play out in the next two months.”

“The Cyclic Pattern in Gold Prices”
“In today’s video on gold I’m going to share with you my thoughts on the cyclic pattern of this market. I’ll show you where I believe the lows have been put in place, and also where I expect the next high will come in.”

If you’re interested in gold this is definitely a video you shouldn’t miss. I will also show you exactly where our “Trade Triangle” technology recently kicked in a buy signal for this market.”

“Revisiting and Re-Analyzing the USD/JPY FOREX Pair”
“MarketClub’s “Trade Triangle” technology alerted our members of a sell signal today (7/21) and I wanted to share it with you. The video is short, to the point and shows what I expect will happen to the dollar vis-a-vis the yen in the next several weeks.”

All these videos were released instantly (without delay) to Market Club Members (please click for more information) along with access to current and past “Trade Triangle Signals” and scans for stocks, ETFs, and Markets.

I must say I was impressed at the amount of Material Adam released, and instead of dribbling it out in single posts for you, I wanted to provide a single post that allows you to view any or all of the videos that best fit your trading strategy.

Thank you as always to Adam and staff for producing and sharing these videos with affiliates (which allows me to share them with you all).

As an updated disclosure, I am a commissioned affiliate of the Market Club.

Corey Rosenbloom, CMT

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