Introducing Newsflashr, Headline News Tracker

Mar 12, 2008: 5:16 PM CST

Last week, I was introduced to a new site called NewsFlashr, which was developed by the creators of the amazing Instant Bull stock market news/information website.

NewsFlashr allows you to view headlines on selected topics quickly and easily, on such areas as World News, Politics (including the 2008 elections and primaries, which I follow daily), Business, Showbuisness, Technology, Sports, Science, and Medicine.  It gives you a convenient diversion if you’re tired of reading stock market stories all day long!

You can also follow larger blog entries on Business and Politics headlines.

Furthermore, each category has a ‘text cloud’ that shows you the most popular keywords in real time.

You can also view multiple feeds from top news sites in a simple to view page that’s even better than creating them yourself at their News Feed Page (I’m linking to the Business Feed page here).

The site also gives you headlines in each section based on the top 5 terms searched (keywords) up to the minute.

The site is updated in real time, so it will be helpful to check it often.  I can tell I will be using this site often, and may even make it my homepage!

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