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Sep 23, 2007: 12:33 PM CST

Not long ago, I was invited to join a chat at Ed Heath’s website “Stocks 2 Watch,” which contains Mr. Heath’s swing trade stock selections based on two screens that he runs.

I enjoyed the chat, and – with Mr. Heath’s permission – wanted to mention his site for interested readers to examine.

In addition to providing trading ideas on the open blog, Mr. Heath offers readers to request his trading plan, which is an informative document that can be of help to newer traders who are unsure what to write in a trading plan, or even what one would look like.

Most traders are unwilling to share their plans publicly, and I understand that, but it is always helpful to review others’ plans when you get a chance. I was very impressed that he would offer his plan for review for the public. Whether or not you trade like Mr. Heath does, you can use his plan as a reference for building your own trading plan, and many traders would say that a trading plan is an absolute requirement!

Beyond offering his trading plan for you to examine, the site offers an invitation only chat service which connects traders and allows them to share what they are interpreting in the market, positions that they are considering, or lessons they have learned. The chat is currently small, but is looking to expand. Invitations to join are by request, and they are seeking active participants as space is limited.

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