NewsFlashr Editor Picks for the Weekend

Jan 11, 2009: 10:00 PM CST

Here’s a list of posts selected from the NewsFlashr Business Blog section which I wanted to highlight as the weekend draws to a close.

Dr. Brett Steenbarger begins volume 1 of the “Best of Trader Feed” posts focusing on psychology… stay tuned for additional volumes: Trading and Market Psychology: The Best of 2008

Charles Kirk shares a very thoughtful list of numerous lessons learned through the course of 2008: A Must Read! Lessons Learned in 2008.

The VIX and More site takes a look at a Put-Writing Options strategy that you may want to incorporate, and also provides a link for more information. Find out what the strategy is! The Often Overlooked Put Writing Strategy

Sage advice from the Stock Chartist – here is a quote: “That blind spot is looking charts in only one time frame and usually ignoring the longer term picture…. Bottom line, whenever you read or hear market comment, do it with a clear understanding of your trading style.”Objectively Understand Your Trading Style

An educational post from Precious Metal Investment on a precious metal other than gold or silver that you might want to learn: What is Palladium and Where Does it Come From?

The Microcap Speculator site describes the “January Effect” which is a tendency for small caps to outperform large caps and provides four linked articles to learn more to develop a strategy: Microcap Seasonal Strategy.

The Dividend Growth Investor reveals the “Worst Nightmare” for dividend-specific investors and provides an explanation of why companies might cut dividends and what that means for investors: Dividend Cuts: The Worst Nightmare for Dividend Investors

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