NewsFlashr Editor’s Picks for April 15 2009

Apr 15, 2009: 11:04 AM CST

I’ve updated the NewsFlashr Business Blog “Editor’s Picks” section for the week with the following posts:

Dr. Steenbarger of Trader Feed shares with us insights on how to Integrate Time, Price, and Volume to Generate Trading Ideas. Also – bonus link – “Five Things You Never Hear Traders Say when they’re Making Money”

The Disciplined Investor interviews G. Edward Griffin in his latest Podcast, in which they discuss the history of the Federal Reserve and how it ‘controls’ America in “The Creature Known as the Federal Reserve.”

VIX and More shares charts and historical perspectives on why context matters in determining whether the VIX is High or Low.

A Dash of Insights shares details about misconceptions on Sector Rotation and how ETFs can help us identify money flow among sectors – True Sector Rotation (ETFs)?

Precious Metal Investment gives us insight on the background of Gold ETFs and offers advice on how we might trade them.

Gaming the Market collects various quotes and summaries (lists) from Alan Farley and Bo Yoder: Collection of Sage Trading Advice.

Futronomics describes comments by leading economists on the ‘bailout,’ bankruptcies, and the future of the economy. The Critical Mass.

Robert Salomon gives us a list of notable bankruptcies that have occurred in the first quarter of 2009, broken down by sector.

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